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Intelipro Limited Analytics solutions for African SMEs

Small businesses die because they lack access to capital and relevant information on markets. 95% of SMEs in Kenya do not have access to proper record-keeping tools(KNBS). Even with digital tools to support business functions, small business owners and founders often lack skills and time to analyze their business data accurately. They are not able to leverage their data to plan for the future and to access capital, thus affecting their output and productivity.

We are solving this problem through our platform Reja, An AI-powered business management tool that allows SMEs to discover actionable insights from their data and to plan, operate and finance their business.

Users either upload data or connect directly via API. Our algorithms allow users to measure and keep track of various key business and customer growth metrics; plan and take recommended actions based on insights from their data and; measure their business creditworthiness.

Sectors Enterprise software, Machine learning, Online analytics
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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