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Intel World International

Intelworld has developed a platform called Xente. Xente is a GLOBAL market place for African businesses and their customers. The platform enables African merchants to sell their products and service online and mobile. Our platform has the following features

 (i) Omni channel . Accessed on any mobile device including feature phones, smartphones , desktop, POS , API – you name it. 
(ii) Converged global payments . We process payments from several providers including cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) , Mobile Money, Vouchers, Bitcoin and even credit (Buy now, Pay Later) and settle into local African bank accounts. 

Over 98% of businesses in Africa still in the old economy trading with cash in brick mortar locations constrained by geography and cannot be competitive in the new economy that is  cashless sand borderless. We have enabled our merchants to move to new economy and to date they have sold their products all over the world including US, UK, India, SA, Kenya and lots more. 

We serve merchants in different industry sectors including Online retailers, Telecom, Tours & Travel, Tickets, Schools, Hospitals, Movie theaters, Bus ticketing and lots more. We also have a strategic mission to have at least 20% of our merchants directly impacting people at the BOP. 

Stage Unknown EST November 2013
Sectors E-commerce, Financial services
Location Kampala, Uganda
Markets Cameroon, Eswatini, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda, Zambia
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