IDHS Putting you back in control of your healthcare

IDHS is a health Tech start-up with a focus on using technology to bridge the gaps in the access to and delivery of healthcare particularly in Africa and the developing world.

iDHS.HealthWise is a Trademark of IDHS Ltd, a web based platform which gives users access to qualified medical practitioners and other health promoting features with the following capabilities to mention a few:

Online text, Audio & Video consultation with a Global & Local pool of General and Specialists medical doctors and other healthcare practitioners; Referral to reliable and reputable Hospitals, Pharmacists, Diagnostic centres, Specialists; Online clinics for doctors; Self-care modules to support those chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease etc; Health Insurance policy for seamless end-to-end healthcare service; Pregnancy and Fertility Support;Secure. Internet penetration and web enabled device availability is growing across Africa and healthcare is in dire need of improvement.