Innovative Protein Feed Manufacturing Protein rich feed through Fly larvae rearing

By 2025 the demand for animal base protein, will see a shortfall of 5 Million tons. The major cause for this, is the demand for animal feed, chickens, pigs, aquaculture, totalling 85%
Fish reserves are dwindling, and the soya producing countries cant keep up the demand for soya based protein. Upstart chicken farmers, and farmers cant afford the costly feed any longer. Across the World innovative entrepreneurs, like myself have turned to insects for protein.
The rearing of BSFL is the answer to the Worlds protein shortage. I have the resources (Land: Labour; Fly stock) I require the capital now to expand, proving myself with feed and supplying the market.

Stage Startup stage EST January 2020
Sectors Agribusiness, Food production, Wholesale
Location Lekwa Local Municipality, South Africa
Markets South Africa
Customer model B2B2B
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