Innovation for Life group Bee-Business & my life

Bee Business & My life. Keeping and utilization of Bee resources. honey, bee wax, Royal jelly, Bee Venom, Propolis and pollen. 45 groups of youth are beekeepers. for the year 2020 I produced 1500kgs of honey ~ USD $ 6,750 with 50 Hives. in 2021 June 2500kgs ~ USD $ 11,250. Problem to solve Uneployment, Unvailability of Honey product due to unutilization of the resources. Markets are Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hotels and exports.
Sells focust 2022 expect 3800 kgs ~ USD $ 19,760 in 2023 expect 6700kgs ~ 43,550 and 2024 expect to produce 13,600kgs ~ USD $88,400
Funding required are $ 23,000 centrifugal and Bee press and protectives, $24,000 for Establishment of 10 bee houses, make 1000 bee hives and $ 10000 for purchasing Honey and bee wax from other beekeeper.

SectorsAgribusiness, Environmental services, Packaging
LocationTanzania, United Republic of
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