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Innovación Azul A transformative social venture for sustainable fisheries

Innovación Azul

Innovación Azul

Billions of people rely on seafood as their primary source of protein, most of it caught by the 180 million people working in small-scale fisheries worldwide. Climate change, overfishing, and pollution threaten ocean ecosystems and coastal communities alike. Fragmented and uncoordinated marine conservation efforts will not help us meet international development targets or protect livelihoods.

Innovación Azul, and its beachhead app PescaData, provide a web-based enterprise dashboard for fishing cooperatives and organizations, business operation tools, and a marketplace for goods, services, and ideas.

By 2025, we intend to reach 300,000 fishers in Mexico, and 1.2 million in Latin America by 2030 – connecting them with each other, with organizations, and with investors, to work towards resilient communities and healthy oceans, together.

Sectors Agritech, Big data, Enterprise software
Location Guaymas, Mexico
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