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Innocultura academy Holistic Health Platf that allows healings through therapist comunity

Cover image of Innocultura academy, Educational services venture on VC4A

Health degradation begins with issues such as loneliness, depression, financial stress, physical inactivity, divorce. (Happiness Research Institute). We want to help reduce these problems through Holistic Health mentoring. In Latam there is a potential of 333 million people aged between 30 and 60 years. Only for Mexico is 64 mm of people (ECLAC). 7mm of people were served by IMMS.
“Humans healing Humans” is an Holistic Health Platform that allows you prevention and healing through knowing yourself better, reprogramming life habits, from the physical, mental and spiritual part. Being Conscious means improving your Quality of Life: Happiness, Abundance, Prosperity.
we are building a community of therapists in different cities of latam that will help other beings to improve their health.

SectorsEducational services, Healthcare providers and services, HealthTech
LocationHuixquilucan de Degollado, Mexico
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