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infosyndrome Limited An infocormmerce platform for complete business startup information.

Infosyndrom is a platform that will help Nigerian (Youths) to access Business startup information in their locality and within their budget.
Many youths have spare funds but find it difficult to put it to use because of the difficulty in collating the right information together. while others who will like to start a business within their locality are uninformed on what it will really take to start and drive the business. Some need some level of motivation while others just need assurance of “it is possible”.
Currently, the closest to our solution in the market is the business plan writing services which are rarely localized, takes time, expensive and they determine your budget.
InfoSyndrom will be a simple platform where our customers will get a downloadable document containing all the information needed to start the desired business venture in a specific locality based on their available budget. The information provided will also be an implementation plan.

SectorsAgribusiness, E-commerce, Information technology
LocationIsolo, Nigeria
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