INFIUSS Donate blood, Save 3 lives

INFIUSS is an online blood bank and emergency supply platform and was created due to lack and unavailability of blood. In sub-Saharan Africa, 500,000 deaths occur due to lack of blood and in Cameroon, 89% of blood needs in hospitals are not met while 40% of pregnant women and children below 5 years do not also have blood needs met
As an innovation, individuals or hospitals request for blood through SMS or phone call, we source for match in blood group and type in our database which has information on blood availability in hospitals with bloodbanks, then we deliver on bikes, in the right conditions. As such lives are saved and mortality prevented.
This business has potential as there is recurrent need of blood for pregnant women, hemophilics, sickle cell patients, major surgeries etc. With its amazing and qualified team, INFIUSS can have branches in many countries in Africa due the need

Stage Unknown EST January 2017
Sectors Healthcare providers and services, Mobile
Location Yaounde, Cameroon
Markets Cameroon, Nigeria
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