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Indlu Rental housing, Fintech, Proptech, Finance, back yard rentals



INDLU is a rental-housing app that connects homeowners in townships with potential tenants for their backyard rooms.

The INDLU initiative is a response to the massive informal rental market in South Africa. We believe that the only way in which the significant housing backlog can be addressed is through a for-profit, sustainable business model. Every single person that owns a piece of land, either bought or granted, can get an income from their property. We want to help them do that.
INDLU is more than just a letting app, owners are also able to qualify for certain upgrades and even the development of new formal backyard rooms. The owner pays for these upgrades by entering into a rental share with INDLU. Clients qualify through the app to enter into agreements in which we upgrade existing rental rooms or develop new formal rooms in clusters resembling something like a small multi-storey apartment building.

Sectors Education, ICT
Location Pretoria, South Africa
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