Inborn Energy Self Service Solar

The potential for solar energy in Africa is great, beyond a doubt. Despite this potential, solar uptake is yet to go mainstream. We see several obstacles that hinder solar uptake:

1) Initial high costs for implementing  a solar system for residential and SMEs customers.
2) Lengthy and cumbersome process – solar design, costing and installation.
3) Lack of sufficient information to enable make purchase decisions

At Inborn Energy we have developed tools that we believe will go a long way in enabling overcome these obstacles and so increase uptake of solar. Our system enables potential customers to overcome the above obstacles:

1) We offer modular solar solutions according to customer budget and need, down to a circuit level. This reduces the initial high cost for the “whole system”.

2) Our web-based “Self Service Solar” system enables a customer to know the size of their system and the average cost in minutes. This reduces time and cost for site surveys that is common practice in order to design and cost a solar system. 

3) Our system enables us to interact with customers about solar solutions that are specifically applicable to their industry/sector, thereby delivering value that is not generalized.

Our primary markets are high power consuming customers on the grid who would experience significant energy savings by adapting a grid-tied system. In Kenya alone, grid-tied solar has a conservative potential of 100MW, and that replicated across Africa is great market.