IMUHIRA ECOTOURISM RWANDA Ltd is an eco tourism business in the Kivu Belt Destination, South west of Rwanda; made of a team of 5 full time staff mainly youth with skills, knowledge and experience related to tourism and hospitality business.
Our name “IMUHIRA” means at “Home” with a belief to offer a “Made At Home” vacation and experience by local people, using local and natural resources by selling a tents campsite, catering services, boat ride, bird watching, home stays, and other Community Based Tourism Activities.
Such offer was limited or quite impossible in our operating area before our start up’s operations in 2018. All our activities are ecological and environment sensitive.
We are philanthropist in a win-win context where we work with mainly, unemployed youth and vulnerable females. Our revenue model is of B2C and we target both inbound and outbound mid range tourists.

Sectores Hospitalidad, Ocio y viajes, Turismo
Ubicación Ruanda
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