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ImproV.Mobilité Moving people green

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We provide public transport in Kinshasa using the Congo river instead of roads.

Kinshasa, dr Congo was intended to accommodate less than 500,000 people and now counts over 10,000,000 million. That results in road traffic being unbearable – also due to poor road conditions.

Commuting from downtown Kinshasa to the airport (25 Km approx) for instance can take over 3 hours at times while using the river the distance can be covered in less than 1 hour.

So first advantage is that it’s a faster alternative.

We’re planning to do this using not conventional diesel but, solar-electric boats;
So second advantage is that we cut off Opex fees means we realize faster ROI.

Few operators have already started working on implementing the solution but, none have the particularity of using Solar-electric modern vessels.

Sectors Clean technology, Green transportation and electric motors, Solar power
Location binza village, -
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