IMARAART DESIGNS IMARA is the place where artists meet offering a large crafts and arts

Our company is founded on the idea that of empowering women in local communities by creating a space where they can learn skills and get earning to help their families. We are currently working with 12 windows with 4 to 8 kids who are now able to pay for the school’s fees and feed their kids.
Our work addresses the issues of poverty where we empower women with art skills. IMARA is a specialty retail store offering a large array of artists’ materials and supplies, crafters’ needs, a gallery, and an education center. IMARA provides a pleasant facility that will inspire and support amateurs, professionals, and crafters in the Kigali art community. IMARA will sponsor art shows and competitions, art and craft fairs, scholarships for artists to continue their formal education, and other community events.IMARA will facilitate, organize and offer creative workshops and classes in a variety of techniques and media