iHouzit Helping people live better in their homes and buildings

iHouzit helps people live better in their homes and buildings.

We address three problems:
1). Households and building managers search in a fragmented and linear way for products and services, impacting negatively on fit-for-purpose, quality and value.
2). Access to markets for SMEs is challenging and costly.
3). Communities are less included from infrastructure and finance, impacting negatively on social – and human capital & wealth creation.

Our solutions:
1). Build and run a commercially viable multi-sided market network between suppliers, households and real estate managers to plan, design, finance, insure, build, furnish, decorate and maintain their homes and buildings.
2.) Manage an “Improve-it-Forward” programme to assist artisans with mentors and coaches from the iHouzit third-party supplier base and build foundation infrastructure in communities where needed.

Our cloud-based platform is highly scalable to operate across Africa in each community.