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Igwegbe Farm Pig Production/Crop Production

The business piggery belongs to is livestock/agricultural sector. Swine are highly prolific, produce 8-16 piglets after gestation period of 114±2 days (3months, 3 weeks, 3days) and can produce 2-3 times annually. The pigs sexually mature at 7months, and females ovulate throughout the year. 20 gilts and 2 boars can produce about 300-600 piglets at first year and up to 800-1600 piglets in second year of which each piglet is sold for 10,000 naira after weaning at 6-8weeks old. Pigs are less prone to disease as in other species like poultry. Pigs have monogastric stomach and are omnivores with high survival rate. Swine are converters of feed into meat with ideal feed conversion ratio of 3:25:1kg of meat. With this, pigs have most efficient feed converter than other species and can gain 90kg body weight at 6months or less.

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Awka, Nigeria
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