IET Solar (Pty) Ltd – eMobility Aggregated energy generation and storage using LV electric vehicles

As an EPC, we encountered many gated communities with low voltage electric vehicles, such as golf estates and resorts. With the switch to Lithium Ion batteries and the rise of daily cycling solutions in the solar industry, we thought it would be possible to combine the legacy lead acid battery packs of the golf carts with the home’s storage battery using a DC coupled 48v Li-on battery pack. We were awarded a grant and developed a prototype to prove the concept. This was completed 8 months ago, and we are now developing the multiple vehicle docking application for connecting to a common AC bus using addressable DC-DC converters. Once complete the concept would allow a community to have instant access to storage for peak shaving/shifting by aggregating the individual homeowners or fleet storage. It is our belief that communities that provide/resell energy would be able realise significant savings for there homeowners while increasing their ROI on transport within the community.

Sectors Green transportation and electric motors, Renewable energy, Smart city solutions
Location Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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