IEPA (Inokun ethnaol power and agriculture Ethanol, Power and Agriculture.

Our project centres around the creation of a small micro ethanol production facility in the rural village of Inokun in Cameroon . We have a small land asset of 322 hectares owned by the company which we will establish the facility on. This aspect of land ownership places us in the unique position of avoiding complicated land tenure matters. Having been in discussion with reputable technology suppliers through the r+d phase we established that sugarcane would be the ideal feedstock given our site conditions. The project also encapsulates the energy self sufficiency of the cane plant and will allow us to operate autonomous from the grid. The cogeneration activities will be supplemented by a solar farm and in phase 2 a small hydro powered unit. This intentional activity will be to maximise the power generation capacity of the site and create a surplus for sale to the grid. Our overall ethanol capacity will be around 3-5m gallons p/a and we aim to generate 10MW surplus after plant needs

Sectores Agroindustria, Tecnología limpia, Energía renovable, Servicios públicos
Ubicación London, Reino Unido
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