IDAC Challenger of the future with a vision of entrepreneurs without border

Who would look for gold when sleeping on a bonanza? A blind man.
Who would look for a flow market when it is overwhelmed by demand? A non strategist.
Where to position oneself to create shared prosperity? At the estuary opportunities.

It is written that “Egypt was a gift from the Nile”; we want to rewrite history: “Benin is a gift from Nigeria”.
At the mouth of a future market of 400 million inhabitants, we have created innovative solutions, with our Kenyan partner to meet the challenges of our continent. Our continental vision looks for partners with this ambition.

Fight hunger, create thousands of jobs, an integrated vision that aims to revolutionize agribusiness.

StageGrowth stage EST October 2017
SectorsAgribusiness, Biofuels, Consulting and business development
LocationCotonou, Benin
MarketsBenin, Kenya, Nigeria
Customer modelB2B
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