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ICCHI CORP Sarl Congolese Beauty and Cosmetic Manufacturing

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We are a cosmetic company that started by manufactoring wigs and eventually launch our own Makeup line called ICCHI Beauty in collaboration with a Canadian Lab where our products currently are manufactored.

DRC is known for its vibrant culture in terms of Beauty and Fashion, Makeup and Cosmetic are a huge part of everyday life, yet they are almost all imported because there is no single local Makeup manufacturer.
After observing the huge gap in the Cosmetic industry in DRC and the overwhelming availabilty of the raw material for cosmetic fabrication, our company decided to venture into Makeup Manufactoring using 80% of raw material from our Congolese soil to bring to the Congo and Africa world class quality cosmetics formulated locally following international standards and responding to the specific needs of Africans.
While the factory is still at the idealisation stage looking at testing its first formulars, we are looking to raise a Pre-seed fund to prove the concept.

SectorsDrugs and cosmetics, E-commerce, Manufacturing
LocationCongo, Democratic Republic of the
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