Icatch media Digital advertising "on the go"

We’re a technology company based in Johannesburg South Africa, founded in January 2019

Our goal is to build a high-tech Outdoor Media Company by innovating at the intersection of hardware (displays, sensors) and software (new formats, hyperlocal targeting, self-serve purchasing).

Icatch media is designed to help maxi taxi and gig economy drivers that provide the backbone of today’s transit needs. As cities continue to adapt their transportation systems, we believe platforms like Icatch media will be key to subsidizing the future of mobility. I foresee a future where transportation can even become free — just like Google offers Maps and Mail for free — as we help to build out a core smart city data grid while driving revenue with advertising.

I am looking for early investors and would like to know if you require more information.

Sectors Adtech
Location San Francisco, United States of America
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