Huru Initiative Enhancing sanitation services in urban areas of Tanzania

Huru Initiative, a public health entity, focused on transforming access to quality sanitation services and facilities in Tanzania. Our Operations are based on public health sensitization, delivering essential toilet utilities and enhancing access to public toilets in Tanzanian cities.
Poor sanitation in Tanzania costs more than 100$ million loss per year(, 2014). Fatuma, a teenage in a slum of Dar es salaam lost her mother during 2016’s epidemic outbreak. These outbreaks come as a result of poor sanitation practice. For people like Fatuma Sharing a toilet with seven houses is a challenge which prone them to open defecation.
Huru comes as a solution to enhance a way they can access public toilets hence stopping open defecation – practising better sanitation

StageStartup stage EST June 2019
SectorsHealthcare providers and services, Smart city solutions, Water, sanitation and hygiene
LocationDar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of
MarketsTanzania, United Republic of
Customer modelB2C
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