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HurayPositive Healthcare, Diabetes, Lifestyle Modification, Mobile, Telehealth

HurayPositive develops mobile application healthcare solutions covering three levels of diabetics: the undiagnosed, the diagnosed, and the diagnosed with diabetic complications. Current models that are already in the market were developed by collaboration with healthcare providing partners, such as “My Health Note,” with Samsung, and “Hi-Health Challenge” with Hyundai. These products are developed with HurayPositive’s unique development framework, HealthSee, an integrated digital healthcare development platform that allows engineers and researchers to co-develop the applied application.
For this project, we will be focusing on type 2 diabetes, which covers 95% of all people with diabetes. By providing users the resources such as knowledge, goals, rewards, and connections with actual medical providers, our product will guide patients to build long-lasting positive habits to ultimately benefit all involved parties.

Secteurs Fournisseurs et services de soins de santé, Mobile, Logiciel en tant que service
Emplacement Seoul, Corée Du Sud
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