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Hulu Groceries Delivering more sustainable, healthier groceries to your Kitchen

Cover image of Hulu Groceries, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Hulu Groceries is on the way to being a leading fresh produce distributor in Kenya targeting institutions, homes and small traders. Hulu spend most of its time selecting and hand picking quality fresh produce from selected farmers in Western Kenya and delivering directly to hundreds of customers at a fair price to everyone. We allow our customers (consumers) to order their fresh produces virtually and have them delivered just in time.

Hulu also allows our suppliers-who are small scale farmers in rural areas to enlist their produce , access to credit against their produce while using the same as a guarantee, request us to purchase their produce when ready (they sale just in time to minimize waste) and also access consultation on food production. Through this, we enable farmers to access funding for the right farm inputs, and consultancy on good farming practices to enhance food production while minimizing waste after harvest by allowing them to request to sale just in time.

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Bungoma, Kenya
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