Huchi Capital Limited Sweet Returns

As a conservation enterprise, we are leveraging technology in promoting awareness of the contribution of honeybees towards food security and to the environment as well as promoting more people to invest in professional beekeeping. We have established an integrated apiary management solution which includes bee tracking and smart beehive health devices that will measure and monitor hive location, temperature, moisture, sound, weight, and pesticide residue. With these key attributes, we will be able to measure, monitor, & gather insights that will help in better understanding bee colony behavior inside & outside the hive thus improving honey yields for the beekeepers & farmers’ crop yield through natural pollination from the bees. We have also set up an e-commerce marketplace platform ( ) where we are providing market linkages for hive products from across Africa. Our insights will be the gateway to improving awareness and impact.

Stage Startup stage EST May 2016
Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech, Internet-of-things
Location Kampala, Uganda
Markets Mauritius, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe
Customer model B2B2C
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