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House of debs & Bridals House of debs is a Bridal accessories brand for the Best weddings

House of debs & Bridals is a home of quality, affordable and durable bridal accessories /weeing dresses.
Our Problem Statement:High cost of purchasing wedding dresses and accessories within Akwa Ibom State, increased rate of disappointments in delivery of bridal accessories.
Our target market : Young ladies who are planning their weddings and want to look their best on their big day.
Our Solution statement: Provision of standard /quality wedding dresses,
bouquets, handfans, shoes/purses,millineries etc.
Our Revenue model: Creating customer value(satisfying existing needs/creating and satisfying new needs), marketing and selling (online/offline).
Traction( Current milestone) : We have been able to serve over 50 brides in the last six months.
Marketing strategy : word of mouth, referrals, online(sponsored adverts), offline(fliers).
Our competitors are Bridesville(Uyo,), we will stay ahead of our competitors by not just delivering quality bridal accessories but doing so

SectorsBusiness services, Events, Fashion
LocationItiam Etoi, Nigeria
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