Hour2Empower is a Television show conceptualised with the aim to bring to the public’s attention entrepreneurs with vast incredible business ideas and/or established businesses that aren’t known due to the inadequacy of advertising resources.The show will be entrepreneurs-their businesses and comedians, where the presenting comedian takes us through a journey of the entrepreneur’s business through a series of interviews and visuals of the entrepreneur’s product and place of business. We will be filming it as a TV series and each season will the be sold either to a television channel or a media/production house. Once the content is purchased from us it will then be aired nationally or even internationally. Content for TV is normally paid for per minute. For eg: R5000 per minute x 48 minutes per episode x 12 episodes per season which is roughly R2,900,000.here is a great demand for original, local content for TV at the moment and this show is exactly that.

Stage Unknown EST April 2019
SectorsFilm production
LocationRoodepoort, South Africa
MarketsSouth Africa
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