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Horizon E The Paperless Office: Deforestation reduction and Improving efficiency

Cover image of Horizon E, Computer hardware venture on VC4A

Don’t drown in paper! Integrate Paperless Office Systems and contribute to saving the planet while becoming more efficient.
Every organization produces thousands to millions of paper Documents yearly, often managed in an “Organized Chaos”. Documents are the currency of work; they showcase all ongoing and completed business activities, and Modern businesses need to be operational no matter the location.
Paper dependency and the continuously-rising volume of information increase the need for more paper, logistics, and transport, for more trees to be felled, causing more carbon emissions, thereby harming our planet.
Paper-reliant activities are also highly inefficient. Companies waste more time and resources while increasing their employees’ workloads.
Paperless Systems improve the speed of business processes, increase efficiency, and reduce operating costs, through digital document Storage, Collaboration, Access, Production, Security, Volume management.

Sectors Computer hardware, Consulting and business development, Enterprise software
Location Yaoundé, Cameroon
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