Hopefield Network Social Impact, Social Innovations, Employment, Vocational Training

Hopefield Network exists to connect young people mostly undergraduates and recent graduates (age 18 -35 years) to opportunities in education, technology and businesses through community services. By working with individuals, government and private bodies, we execute projects in local communities to discover business opportunities, talents and uncover needs in places where they need it most that will spark innovation and stimulate growth. We also work with public institutions to teach vocational skills (VET) to pupils of primary schools that will make them financially independent and self-reliant as they grow into adulthood.
We have trained 4,100 pupils and engaged 145 volunteers across our network in VET and digital Skills and projection is to reach additional 5,000 in 2 years. The bigger picture is to tackle unemployment in Africa by equipping our young people with needed skills as they grow and this, we are going to the core of the society to stimulate that discussion.

SectorsEducational products, Educational services
LocationLagos, Nigeria
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