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HoDi HoDi Learn an african language becomes easier

HoDi HoDi would allow users to learn African languages in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese with simple and effective methods, with tutors who will accompany them to progress very quickly.

Why HoDi HoDi?
1. Quite simply, there is no such application on the market today. Most of the applications do not include African languages.
2. Quite simply, it is time to affirm our identity, to affirm our pride in being African. We must be loved ourselves for who we are and not by who we pretend to be.
3. Quite simply, it is a question of unifying Africa. Quite simply, it is about communication and this is through languages. When a Kenyan would feel at home in Dakar, when a Congolese would feel at home in Lagos, we would have succeeded in the wager of integration well understood (the constitution of a federal without even the politicians getting involved).
4. HoDi HoDi will allow himself all the clichés and prejudices that are very often associated with African langua

Sectors Education, Information technology, Mobile
Location Noisy-le-Grand, France
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