Hive Earth Using Locally sourced eco-materials to build affordable structures

We are Hive Earth.
We use locally sourced, eco friendly and sustainable materials to build affordable structures throughout the continent. Our main focus of business is to provide affordable housing to help curb the housing deficit in Ghana which is 1.7 million and counting.
Shelter is a basic human need and we strongly believe that everyone should be able to afford shelter, whether your a labourer or a market seller housing should be within reach for you.
For a 1 bedroom home, from foundation to finishing, including all electrical, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom fixtures sells for as little as $10,000.
We are also passionate about youth employment, due to the labour intensive nature of our construction method we have made the decision as a company to do away with machines and hire man power instead, for every machine that we do not use we can employ 4 people.
The materials that we use to build are also eco friendly and locally sourced, such as clay, laterite, granite and thatch.

Stage Unknown EST April 2018
LocationAccra, Ghana
MarketsGhana, Nigeria
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