His Excellency Inc a sessional feel to the feet

We envisages the production of socks for male and female of all ages and sizes. Our plan is to get a socks making machine to produce good quality designing socks for the African markets.

Socks are protective knitwear for the foot worn by men and women of all ages.
As fashion on the African continent gradually taking the world stage, the demand for good quality designs and plain socks is on high demand. This demand is met largely through 90% importation.

Our immediate objectives it to take advantage of Ghana market and later expand production to other Africa countries.
To establish socks manufacturing factory in Ghana by first quarter 2019
To extend His Excellency Socks product line in the other West Africa market and later to Africa as a whole in the next
To add other men products such as boxers, underwear, vest etc
To gain over 75 per cent of the market share in the sock production on the continent of Africa in next decade

Sectores Producción de ropa y textiles
Ubicación Accra, Ghana
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