HiKey Software and Application Development Company

We are in the process of digitalizing the complete manual process of Hospital and basically come up with a secured centralized database repository for a better medical service in the continent. According to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics reveals that 93% of hospitals still requires that you just go to the hospital, register through a paper card system, wait to see a doctor on a queue system, pay via cash and if you go to another state, the process starts all over.
Our Solution is Starting with an OCR process of converting all papered files to a digital front, then a payment gateway, auto-inventory, online registration model, appointment system, a reliable centralized database repository to make sure that at every point patient can get their medical history without a fresh phase of diagnosis. This comes in Web and mobile (Android and iOS) apps, compatible with all platform with admin rights. We have designed this with intranet and wireless capacity, all built from scratch.

Sectors Healthcare providers and services, Smart city solutions, Software as a Service
Location Akinsanya Street, Nigeria
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