Helping Minds Helping Minds pays the students and trains them for three years

Helping Minds is a three-year technical leadership program organized by Peachwater Consulting which is focused on unlocking the full potential of Nigeria’s best and brightest to become world-class software engineers and technologists. Our developers are full-time employees. They are folks with high levels of persistence, grit, desire to learn, and ability to take feedback. Our community is diverse. We have people from different socioeconomic backgrounds.
We place aspiring Helping Mind developers through ridiculous hurdles. An aptitude test, a psychometric test, in-person interviews, a simulated development sprint at our campus, and THEN six more months of learning and development thereafter they are hired. After 6 months of intense learning and development, amazingly smart Nigerians, become capable of working alongside some awesome startups and large companies on some of the most challenging, or most interesting problems. We constantly strive to figure out which

SectorsComputer software, Education, Mobile
LocationAbuja, Nigeria
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