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Healr Contouring (Pty) Ltd Automated, pay per use organ contouring for cancer patients

When cancer patients need radiotherapy, they require a contoured CT scan for oncologists to plan treatment. These contours are currently drawn by hand and takes ~2 hours per patient. Cancer is growing exponentially faster than the oncology workforce, leaving many untreated due to capacity constraints, especially in developing countries where current prohibitively expensive solutions are not viable.

We have a cloud-based, pay-per-use auto contouring system that allows oncology practices to obtain a first-pass contoured dataset in seconds, cutting down contouring time by 95% as only reviews are required, as opposed to working from scratch. This solution makes use of cutting edge AI and machine learning to identify and contour any scan within seconds. The solution is true SaaS, which implies that it scales infinitely with very limited increase in cost base.

Secteurs Soins de santé, Fournisseurs et services de soins de santé, HealthTech
Emplacement Pretoria, Afrique Du Sud
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