Hazina Development Trust Limited Building a Better Life

We are a private credit only microfinancing institution incorporated in 2011 as a Private Company limited by shares. Our approach and processes of operations are purely based on creating clients impact in the rural and peri-urban areas of the Kenyan Coastal region where majority of the residents are low income earners and live on less than $2 a day.

Our business model tends to put the low-income client away from a debt-based system subjected to exorbitant interest rates which most of them find it hard to absorb and introduces the client on a more engaging and risk sharing involvement. The uniqueness of our model has a general impact on financial inclusion in the entire community in that it accommodates everyone even those who do not have collateral.
We provide our clients with completely interest which promote financial inclusion in a more affordable manner. 

Stage Unknown EST October 2011
SectorsFinancial services
LocationMombasa, Kenya
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