HausRenta Online Tenant Management and Rent Payment Solution for Africa

Over 95% of landlords in Africa require that house rents are paid upfront and as a lump sum. Paying house rent is therefore a struggle for over 85% of Africans, who are in salaried employment and who receive their annual salaries in monthly arrears.

HausRenta will be Africa’s 1st end-to-end Tenant management and Rent payment solution platform, designed to help landlords and tenants solve the problems associated with tenant management and rent payment in Africa.

Landlords will have personalised dashboards where they will be able to review tenants rental history, evaluate rental applications, manage and sign pre-built lease documents, receive rental payment directly into their bank accounts, whilst planning and managing facilities maintenance request.

Tenants on the other hand will be provided with incentives to save monthly towards their annual rents.

Stage Unknown EST May 2018
Sectors Fintech, Real estate
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Algeria, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa
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