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My country Nigeria, is rich in talented human capital and skilled knowledge. Our entrepreneurial spirit is strong but a huge chunk of the artisans and crafters lack the technological skills to scale their businesses or build profitable, sustainable ventures that access bigger markets.

So we come in as seasoned industry practitioners with insider advantage, to provide platforms that connect makers and their target customers with digital technology.

Handmade Nigeria is an online marketplace for quality handcrafted fashion and lifestyle accessories that are made by crafters and artisans in our local crafting communities.

We are domiciled in Nigeria for now, but Handmade Nigeria is poised to be the Etsy of Africa – the foremost online source for unique and quality handcrafted goods

With more than 50 vendors fully on board and about 500 unique SKUs, our potential for growth is huge with the right investments and mentoring. Our sales record both online and offline are far from shabby

Stage Unknown EST July 2016
SectorsArts, E-commerce, Fashion
LocationLagos, Nigeria
MarketsCôte d'Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana
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