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Hadij Resources Ltd We promote quality family time by enhancing their access to good food

Famtime Foods as a brand, is a broad range of processed, dried staple foodstuffs derived from agriculture raw foods. They include rice flour, plantain flour, ground spices and host of other ground foodstuffs that multinational millers don’t currently produce, and yet are highly desirable by urbanizing, middle class families. Our focal points are convenience (because the consumers do not have to mill these or pound them at home), hygiene (we run in regulated premises), pricing (they are rendered in affordable portions) and presentation (they are in handy, polyethylene packs with GS1 barcodes). We are a necessary value chain actor in agriculture, turning raw foods by adding value to make processed foods, and helping to save post harvest losses associated with most raw agriculture products in Nigeria. We also help to conserve foreign exchange spent to import some of these stuff to Nigeria. The single production line is scalable to include broad range of products, with export potentials.

Sectors Food production
Location Oke Eletu, Nigeria
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