GROUPE ENTREPRISE KAMAGAMBA-FERME Everyone can consume good products! here we are to supply

Having the concern to meet the needs of its customers; in the next 5 years to come, GEKF-Ets wants to fight the shortage of food and good quality food available at the right price.

Our oils are standard versions which cost $ 10 for 5 liter peanut oil and $ 9 for 5 liter soybean oil, and $ 10 for 5 liter sunflower oil.

Our competitors’ existing solutions in the region are standard imported from abroad, and cost $ 15 for the three categories; peanuts, soy and sunflower.

The price of the deluxe version of these oils ranges from $ 20 to $ 25 for a 5 liter can.

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Bukavu, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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