GRIT Systems Engineering What gets measured gets managed

At GRIT Systems we measure power production and consumption in real time from any number of power sources, generators, inverters, utilities , mini-grids, solar you name it. We provide power consumers and providers at all scales with easy to access and understand information about their power consumption habits and offer real workable solutions to cut the cost per unit energy and to reduce over all energy consumption. Consumers stand to save money and can be certain they aren’t being cheated and power producers stand to gain insights that allow novel methods of power demand management, guaranteed collection of bills and detection of power theft.

The G SERIES meters are the corner stone that will provide the data and control infrastructure to enable more innovation and sustainable business models in the power sector, empowering consumers with affordable and reliable electricity. We are gathering the kind of high granularity data that initiatives like president Obama’s power Africa.

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Sectors Electronics, Manufacturing, Renewable energy
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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