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GreenTech In Djibouti, Greentech is a startup that innovates revolutionary ideas

Access to electricity is a major challenge in Africa, whose impact is even greater in schools in isolated rural areas. Indeed, these areas are most often not connected to the electricity grid that supplies cities.Our 2 most important projects are :

1- the solar backpack (SunBag) : SunBag, the solar backpack imagined and made by Grentech, is like a normal but waterproof backpack (made with recyclable materials) and equipped with a solar panel at the back. This one allows to recharge during the day a battery located inside the bag behind the solar panel. As soon as it gets dark, an LED lamp, also supplied, can be connected to the battery for lighting. What to allow the student to study and do his homework.

2- Atmospheric water generator (AWG) : Drinking water availability is a major issue in some rural area in Djibouti during the summer season due to lack of rainfall,The Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is one of the alternative solution for fresh water recovery from atmosphere.

Sectors Clean technology and energy, Educational products, Renewable energy
Location Djibouti, Djibouti
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