GreenRocks Manufacturing Services Production, packaging and marketing/sales of Cowpea beans flour

GreenRocks Services is a manufacturing firm that intends to focus on the production, packaging and marketing/sales of Cowpea beans flour.
Cowpea grain contains about 25% protein, and 64% carbohydrate and its potential in the alleviation of malnutrition among resource poor and middle-class families is inestimable.
The demand for the product is quite high in Nigeria and other African countries.
Beans is used in preparing akara (bean balls/bean cake), ‘danwake’ (bean dumplings) and moi-moi (bean pudding). The preparation process for these foods is usually long and stressful; the bean seeds are sorted, dehulled, ground, etc before the main cooking begins. Some women who wants to prepare akara for breakfast, spend the previous day just preparing the bean seeds.
Bean flour eliminates all the stress in preparation​,saving time, energy and cost . The demand is huge – think of all the families having rice and moi-moi for dinner.

Sectors Manufacturing
Location Uyo, Nigeria
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