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Greenleaves provides support in agronomy and agro-infrastructure management.
problems greenleaves is solving are: Inaccessibility of market and good agricultural practices information, poor pests and diseases scouting and control Technics, overuse of ago-chemicals, Mismanagement of resources, fertilizers misuse, and gender exclusion.
Greenleaves is solving these problems shifting from traditional to digital by introducing AGRONOME App. the App provides Real-time accurate pest and disease identification, Market opportunities information, integrated pest and disease management and good agricultural practices techniques, chemical use guides, gender inclusion, and environmentally friendly approaches. The uniqueness of AGRONOME App is that it provides Real-time response to farmers’ agronomic needs with no physical intervention of an agronomist, provides market and agronomic services on one platform, provides traceability for chemical use, and serve as a precision agriculture tool.

Stage Startup stage EST September 2016
Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech, Crop farming, Information technology
Location Kigali, Rwanda
Markets Rwanda
Customer model B2B, B2C
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