Green Track Sustainable Waste Management System

Green Track

Green Track

Green Track sorting at source, a Social Enterprise for a Sustainable Waste Management System, it aims to solve the waste crisis in Lebanon through the sorting at source and recycling projects leaded by Green Women Team.

Company Products and Services:

o Educate in Lebanon about sorting at source concept by organising:
– Awareness campaigns leaded by a Green Women team in households, shops, schools, universities, enterprises.
– Festivals and events that include sorting at source activities and cleaning campaigns.
o Implementation of collecting and sorting projects by requests from municipalities, INGOs and NGOs.

o Clean and good quality of raw materials such as plastic, metals, glass, textile, paper and cardboard, E-waste and plastic bags.

Stage Startup stage EST March 2019
Sectors Waste management and recycling
Location Tripoli, Lebanon
Markets Lebanon
Customer model B2B
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