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Green Feed EG Recycling organic waste into animal feed for chicken and fish farms.

-In Egypt we are producing about 40 million tons of organic waste per year which is not efficiently recycled and causes a lot of problems.

-At Green Feed Eg we are recycling organic waste and producing sustainable, green and high quality feed for animals like chicken and fish.

-We have developed and tested a new large scale method of production sustainable source of natural protein.

-The bio-conversion process takes organic waste streams from food factories, supermarkets, farms and restaurants, and recycles these into valuable products: an insect based complete protein, an extracted fat and a rich residual organic soil fertilizer.

-We are making a huge impact on our environment that will affect our climate and our ecosystem positively in our country.

– We have a huge potential to grow in this market as we have high quality product that is made in a unique way and it will be available for a good price.

– now we need financial support to be able to increase our produc

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming, Fish farming
Location Cairo, Egypt
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