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In Zimbabwe, people are forced to live in poorly structured houses due to the fact that they have no source of income. That alone means that there is no way they can improve their quality of life. Thanks to Graphics Village Designs, we believe by 2019 everyone should be able to own, extend or build a house without any initial amount of funds required simply because a house itself in Zimbabwe is being used as an income generating asset. So by simply signing a legal agreement the construction process may begin and this is done by our partnered construction companies and the building materials are sourced from a partnered supplier. The contract will be based on a BOT system i.e Build Operate Transfer where we build the structure for a client then we own and operate it for a certain period until we receive our return on investment with a percentage interest. This system has been successfully implemented in commercial buildings if so why use it and give everyone a chance to own a house.

Sectores Construcción, Servicios financieros, Servicios jurídicos
Ubicación Harare, Zimbawe
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