Goyo Grow Hydroponic quality crops

According to the UN in 2050 the population will grow to 9.8bp, where by that time we will have to increase our food production by 70% more.
Not only does it have to produce more, it has to do with less land and fewer resources.
Today in the world 30% of the food is wasted, on the way to the market or it expires in the refrigerator.
Every year millions of people get sick, from eating contaminated food. And agriculture is the world’s largest consumer of fresh water.
For all these problems we can solve them with hydroponics so much field, as in indoor production.
Goyo Grow is a hydroponic crop training and production company. To be able to teach people to produce in this technique and produce more products of better quality with greater value in the market.

Sectors Crop farming, Education
Location León, Mexico
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