Gourmet Grubb Innovative food tech company - Dairy alternative from insects

EntoMilk™ is the first dairy alternative made from insects globally. It is made from black soldier fly (BSF) larvae and is five times higher in protein than regular dairy, it has an amino acid profile that is suited for the human body and its calcium, iron and zinc content is significantly higher than regular dairy products and dairy alternatives. Farming BSF is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than farming conventional livestock, as they can easily be farmed in urban environments and have a small physical footprint. The process produces significantly less greenhouse gases and, with short life cycles, the time from farm to table is drastically reduced. Our long-term goal is to build EntoMilk into a globally recognized brand as the world’s first insect-based dairy alternative, while producing several value-added products.

Sectores Agroindustria, Agritech, Producción alimentaria
Ubicación Cape Town, Sudáfrica
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