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GOMA-PLASTIKS ( PLASTIGOM ) Large PVC bottle blowing industry (700-750 g) 18.5 L

PLASTIGOM in the fight against global warming, recycling and control of plastic bottles. In partnership with the new technologies industries in developed countries I have a business plan to implement a small plant or a blowing device of large PVC plastic bottles (700-750 g) 18.5 Multiple-use Litres, for use in households and individuals for the collection of mineral water, pure and potable, for the purpose of ending multiple waste small plastic bottles for single use. To provide local water treatment industries with their levies. All in the fight against the fatal climatic entrepening, recycle and protect our plastics of use to promote and protect our environment by making it healthy by the production of large bottles for multiple domestic use.

Sectors Clean technology, Packaging, Waste management and recycling
Location Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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